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Summer travel what equipment is the most fire? diving!
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"Snorkeling mask and breathing tube or buy myself a better." This "five one" ready to go to the southeast diving people, specially bought a set of snorkeling equipment.

At present overseas dive shops provide snorkeling equipment mostly to lease based, although the price is not expensive, but spend dozens of pieces of money can buy a snorkeling mask, but also eliminates the need for a lease of the trouble and health aspects of concerns, has multiple purposes. From the beginning of the Spring Festival, sports mall snorkeling equipment sales remained high growth, especially to snorkeling mask, snorkel and flippers suits are the most popular.

Snorkeling equipment sell fire. In addition, in this year on the shelves of the latest diving equipment, but also add to the underwater flashlight, waterproof bags and other products, more practical for snorkeling. The equipment of the increasingly diversified, also reflects the momentum of development of Hangzhou diving market.

Water is not necessarily a good dive, security is a top priority.

Underwater world is beautiful to make people yearn for, but hidden behind the beauty of the risk may be hidden. Last month, a pair of sisters in Maldives China snorkeling both died, the cause is not a life jacket. So have some snorkeling equipment safety knowledge and sports skills, must be completed before going to visit the underwater world.

First of all, to choose their own snorkeling mask, let the mask close to the face, and its environs to and facial skin fit; the breathing tube mouthpiece placed in between the lips and teeth, keeping it straight, in planktonic can through the breathing tube to breathe, and learn to face the mirror drainage and breathing tube drainage, keep the ear pressure balance, once choked water must be head of the exposed surface of the water; fins can provide strong impetus to the wide area, if there is no fins also to prepare a pair of snorkeling shoes, so as not to be underwater reefs scratch.

Also water scenery is the most beautiful place mostly at the junction of the shallow water and deep water, where coral state best, and there are many kinds of fish, but this location is also a submarine fast flowing place, even in shallow water, water depth generally have two or three meters, must do according to one's abilities.

Finally, the sea snorkeling before, the best first dive shop or hotel to understand the local sea and ocean currents, looking for a professional trainer to learn snorkeling basic skills, avoid by all means is single action and buy travel accident insurance. Must wear a lifejacket snorkeling, don't swim to their level of too much self-confidence, good water does not represent a certain potential well.

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