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Analysis of development status of office stationery industry in China
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Document management supplies, office desktop stationery and office of this book is the main components of the consumption of office stationery, according to the China Sports Association for culture and education data, at present domestic stationery market size of about 400 billion yuan.

(1) the basic characteristics of the market

Domestic stationery market development benefit from the popularity of modern office concept, consumption is still relatively concentrated in the coastal economically developed areas, based on modern office concept and the development of series of products for the production of the enterprise is particularly important.

1, the domestic office stationery market with the gradual popularization of the concept of modern office and growing

Enterprises and institutions, the company's employees need to continuously improve the work efficiency and the pursuit of comfortable and orderly working environment and the increasing popularity of modern office office "5S management" and the image of the enterprise management concept, enterprises and institutions of the staff even family personal, for documents stored in the appearance, clean and confidentiality requirements are getting higher and higher, office stationery brand consumption concept also continues to deepen, which will promote the domestic office stationery market growing.

2, the level of economic development is an important driving factor for the development of domestic office stationery market

Office stationery consumption is closely related to the regional economy and the degree of business development. On the basis of pens Association of China issued the "China stationery industry competition situation analysis data show that about 70% of the China office stationery products for the consumer market concentrated in five areas of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing. In recent years, the central provinces, Northeast China enterprises and institutions on the demand for office stationery is gradually increasing.

3, office stationery consumption is more emphasis on product functionality, quality, price and service

Enterprise of office stationery purchasing tend to stable stationery brands and suppliers, for the choice of office stationery pay more attention to the function of product design, quality, price and based on stationery dealer's service quality and other factors, therefore, the number of categories of products of office stationery market to less than student stationery market, new products launched relatively slowly.

(2) the size of the domestic market outlook

With the increasing popularity of the sustainable development of domestic economy and modern office concept, domestic office stationery market will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, the product design with modern office concept, series of products, a sound brand stationery manufacturing enterprises will be higher than the industry average level of growth.

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