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The Fourth International Outdoor Leisure Industry Expo
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With the continuous development of China's economy, national consumption capacity has increased steadily, outdoor recreation, sports, tourism, entertainment has become an important part of people's lives, and based the outdoor recreation industry has also become a sunrise industry in the economic development. At present, China's outdoor leisure industry is in a stage of rapid development, the average annual growth rate of industrial scale more than 40%. And relatively "professional outdoor", the gradual rise of the "Pan outdoor" and "big outdoor" concept, it is bound to expand the trend.

In this context, the Fourth International Outdoor Leisure Industry Expo for outdoor leisure industry, between enterprises and customers to build an exchange platform. On the basis of summing up the experience of the three session of the conference, the organizers will carry out a full range of upgrades to the Expo, and strive to create a remarkable, distinctive, rich content of the exhibition.

Outdoor equipment: all kinds of tents, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping bags and accessories of all kinds of compression bag, moisture-proof pad, inflatable cushion, bag, waterproof bag, camping cookware, rainproof appliance, camping lamps, exploration tools, knives, multi tools, compass, telescope, elevation table, diving table, door locks, camping, outdoor mountain climbing equipment, fishing gear, ski equipment, outdoor outdoor electronic equipment, digital products, medicine, food, field protection, first aid supplies, outdoor supplies, personal books video map, golf supplies, outdoor furniture and other outdoor clothing: underwear, underwear, outdoor skiing warm cotton clothing, underwear, casual pants, hiking shoes, cross-country running shoes hiking shoes, shoes, shoes, upstream desert climbing shoes, mountaineering boots, snow shoes, mountaineering bags, hiking bags, folding bag, travel bag, folding arrangement Boxes, hats, scarves, gloves, masks, face, socks, etc.. The main contents of this exposition are:

Outdoor machinery and equipment category: mountain bike, folding bicycle, bicycle components, cycling apparel, self-propelled RV, trailer RV, car sales, car rental, leisure boats, boats, rubber boats, water equipment, inflatable ship, air pump, travel car, cross-country car, mountain bike, go kart, special vehicles, sports cars, motorcycle, ATV, motor boats, trailers, snow motorcycle.

Tourism and leisure projects: tourism, leisure and tourism city, scenic spots, resort, town, hotel and tourism commodities, etc.. Outdoor Sporting Club Hotel, Forest Park, wetland park, camping camp, car parks etc..

Leisure real estate: leisure real estate, real estate and sports recreation, entertainment and leisure real estate. At home and abroad related camping sites, camping attractions, construction planning and Design Institute, wooden villas, integrated residential, combined wooden house, vacation house, etc..

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